This week, the boys unashamedly become a conspiracy theory podcast. Cush explores the surge of power married people feel at the reins of a single person’s dating app. Michael investigates the horror that walks among us. Everyone learns a thing or two about the depth of human stupidity.
  • Don’t Ken Bone the Rock. [2:25]
  • Slipped a disc there, huh?. [8:35]
  • Chicago continues to be the most dangerous city in America. [12:45]
  • Sand and pee buddies. [18:05]
  • Overlords from the great beyond. [22:20]
  • Just a deep misunderstanding of physics. [41:00]
  • Your Honor, may I please heckle the bench? [48:15]
  • Ride the R2D2 lightning. [52:00]
  • Shitty First Dates. [54:35]
  • Sapiosexuals. [61:30]
This week, the boys take a shot at the original king of the male romper. Cush steps to the wrong side of history to defend Nickelback for some reason. Michael introduces two very insane conspiracy theories and receives assurance he’s just the prettiest boy. Shockingly, we talk a lot about butts again.
  • Ghost riding your own whip. [1:45]
  • The worst of men’s fashions. [3:40]
  • Bros and Butts. [8:55]
  • The gross laws of attraction. [19:40]
  • Marry me! [25:35]
  • I’m just an impostor boi. [34:20]
  • A Poorly Thought Defense of Nickelback. [41:00]
  • I’ll take one art, please. [48:15]
  • The Finland Conspiracy [58:20]
The boys are back in action to chat drinking leagues, bad names for genitals, and the darkest secrets of our parents. Michael doesn’t trust our criminal jiu-jitsu system. Cush takes a trip among the stars and demands a Bill Clinton Animorph Experiment. We talk about being naked for maybe too long?
  • Drinking league aggression. [1:35]
  • No more front-bottoms and wee-wees. [7:40]
  • A time and place to be naked. [17:20]
  • Falconry, the sport of sexy presidents. [25:30]
  • Kill me, Jason Statham. [34:35]
  • Tim Gunn, deadliest man alive. [37:40]
  • Very bad things, RV-style. [44:40]
  • The price of infidelity. [54:20]
This week, the boys celebrate Ja Rule’s return to the public eye and mourn our lost opportunity to sell dumb stuff to Instagram kids. Cush delves into the great Shaved Cat Mystery of 2017. Michael breaks down a meaty feud between Portland strip clubs. We all yell about “woke” commercials.
  • The summer’s hottest jams.  [3:00]
  • Fyre away! [8:45]
  • Fake Woke Brands [17:45]
  • Naked & Afraid: Honeymoon Edition [27:20]
  • Get paid, Barack. [34:25]
  • Trump parodies…but why? [38:00]
  • Shaved kitties and Dane Cook. [42:30]
  • Vegan Strip Club vs. Steakhouse Strip Club. [50:40]
  • Pee and Primanti Bros. [63:00]
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