May 4, 2017

TILP 20: From Dusk Til Dong

This week, the boys celebrate Ja Rule’s return to the public eye and mourn our lost opportunity to sell dumb stuff to Instagram kids. Cush delves into the great Shaved Cat Mystery of 2017. Michael breaks down a meaty feud between Portland strip clubs. We all yell about “woke” commercials.
  • The summer’s hottest jams.  [3:00]
  • Fyre away! [8:45]
  • Fake Woke Brands [17:45]
  • Naked & Afraid: Honeymoon Edition [27:20]
  • Get paid, Barack. [34:25]
  • Trump parodies…but why? [38:00]
  • Shaved kitties and Dane Cook. [42:30]
  • Vegan Strip Club vs. Steakhouse Strip Club. [50:40]
  • Pee and Primanti Bros. [63:00]

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