This week, the boys talk about cookies and Scooby Doo for about 30 minutes. Curtis returns to bring us back to our first encounters with adult films, Mike reveals too much, and Michael makes a joke we all miss.
This week, the boys settle their sweet cheeks upon the comforting cradle of technology. Mike reveals dark family secrets, Michael gets really into Toddlervision, and we all swoon over everyone's favorite #mcm: Michael Cohen. It's our best yet.
January 23, 2019

TILP 97: A Semenly Bad Idea

This week, the boys are forced to ask: hey men, y'all OK? Mike shoots up some literally toxic masculinity, Michael waters the flowers of love, and PETA misses the whole damn point. We all chug some Pringle Noir and howl at the super blood wolf moon.
This week, it's time to pick a side: wheel boys or leg boys. We're back with a double dose of Michael and a dash of Curtis. Mike goes on a global adventure to steal back his childhood, Michael puts another quarter in the jukebox, and Curtis takes us into the Mackleverse. We all get covered in nacho cheese.
This week, the boys once again save the best for last. Michael discovers a new way to grieve for a loved one, Mike sexes up the most unsexy industry imaginable, and we grind our peppers on the worst erotic fiction of the year. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys are finally back and up to all their old tricks. Mike meets an actual insane person, Michael takes a slice out of Greg, and we investigate a brand new tech product for perverts: the Blowbot5000. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys fry up a slice of Newfoundland Steak. Mike's child brain gets confused by science, math, and history. Michael visits the quantum realm and finds Sam Neill. We all wash our dead grandpas and get a nasty surprise. It's our best yet.
November 9, 2018

TILP 92: Dicks Are Done

This week, the boys decide enough is enough with dicks. Mike receives an offer he can't refuse (but accidentally did), Michael finally reveals he also doesn't understand how the human body works, and we all raise a cheap glass to the restaurant of the future. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys lament Barack Obama's big time whoopsies. Michael introduces a very good girl, Mike expounds on the dangers of picking up strays, and we all wonder what's making the fish all horny.
October 17, 2018

TILP 90: Sax and the Kitty

This week, the boys uncover the dark links between online dating and Call of Duty. Mike finds the cutest dog in China, Michael gets a whiff of the most alluring musk, and we all just listen to the rhythm of your heart. SAX BREAK.
Highlights include:
  • Call of Dating: Bumble Ops
  • What is dog?
  • Lions, tigers, John Wicks
  • Scrambledn't
  • Stayin alive

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