October 17, 2018

TILP 90: Sax and the Kitty

This week, the boys uncover the dark links between online dating and Call of Duty. Mike finds the cutest dog in China, Michael gets a whiff of the most alluring musk, and we all just listen to the rhythm of your heart. SAX BREAK.
Highlights include:
  • Call of Dating: Bumble Ops
  • What is dog?
  • Lions, tigers, John Wicks
  • Scrambledn't
  • Stayin alive
This week, the boys really wish Shaggy 2 Dope had actually kicked Fred Durst in the head. Mike gets really, upsettingly angry at Daniel Stern, Michael sees a meth ghost, and we all learn a thing or two about the absolute horrors of bed bugs. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys explore aggressive workplace voodoo. Michael tosses us in a pool of spaced-out octopuses, Mike introduces some very good bad science, and we ponder the need to see that Bat Wang. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys investigate the 2012 critical reception to Space Jam then look eye-to-eye with some piss-hungry goats. Michael cracks the Nintendo Switch Kobayshi Maru. Curtis looks at nature's broad wonder and pees on it. Mike advocates for humane lobster sous vide. We all say piss...just a whole lot.
This week, the boys discover the world's foremost ham authority: retried Gotham Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. Michael gets busy with a mechanical penis, Mike faces the grim reality that all '90s toys were accidental sex toys, and everyone is a pony now. It's our best yet.
September 6, 2018

TILP 85: Funnel of Love

This week, the good buddies get back together for TILP greatest hits: Channing Tatum's dick, ghost jizz, fart cops and ball baths. Mike takes a lil' bird bath, Michael auditions for SNL, and Curtis fights the good nope. We all agree Michael B. Jordan would kick T'Challa's whole, entire ass.
Highlights include:

  • No, but improv boys.
  • Paul Fart Mall Fart
  • Ball bath and pool science
  • Boooookkake
  • Romance gashapon
  • The ol' rope-a-nope
  • The Curtis Colorado Vinyl Corner
August 24, 2018

TILP 84: Hot Clown Couture

This week, the boys enter the Tinder Hunger Games and become hopelessly lost. Michael goes to war with algorithm-based dating, Mike debates the waitresses at his FAVORITE breastaurants, and we walk into a haunted clown church.
Highlights include:
  • Check the Fartfax [4:00]
  • The Tinder Games [6:45]
  • The Florida/Australia Upside-down [41:00]
  • Clown Copyright [49:30]
August 17, 2018

TILP 83: Off-Brand Whales

This week, the boys create the next great action franchise. Mike wishes all you perverts would stop sexualizing cryptids, Michael experiences a come to Jesus mayoment, and we all take a lil’ sip of whale-ball beer. It’s our best yet.
Highlights include:
  • Jim Bondwell and his chipmunk pals
  • Mayo please have another deathblow
  • Sweet Netscape memes
  • Ball beer
  • A TILP crowdsourced sex novella
  • I’ve Got a Toilet Ticket
This week, the boys consider the physical manifestation of this horrible podcast. Michael keeps the two best stories until the end, Mike contracts a bad case of bacon brain, and we all band together to steal a dang shark.
Highlights include:
  • Michael is old
  • Michael Bay Podcast Movie
  • All that she wants is a Ghost Baby
  • Cat Mind Control
  • FMK: Cat, Rat, Sheep
  • Shark Heist
  • 92 Year Old Boners
August 3, 2018

TILP 81: McHeist!

McHeist! This week, Michael walks us through the Hamburglar's boldest crime ever, Mike has his fill of Bigfoot erotica, and we learn that Tom Cruise has never been on the Internet, ever. A benevolent TILP God smiles His light upon us.
  • McHeist: The Stolen Cushing Pounds
  • McHeist 2: Ronald McMobster
  • McHeist 3: Publisher's Incarceration House
  • Horny for Bigfoot
  • Man the Poop Torpedoes
  • World Wide Cruise
  • The hubris of pool tuggin'

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