August 16, 2019

TILP 113: Basic Spam Season

This week, the boys get deep in the pig hole and something is hogging in the state of Denmark. Mike gets sweet vindication and creates the worst X-man, Michael cooks up big fall flavors, and we all clamp ourselves in for some office sumo wrestling. It's our best yet.
This week, 30-50 feral hogs arrive in the first 3-5 minutes of our children listening to the podcast. Mike applies for a brand new passport, Michael gets an ice-cold mouthful of hot dog, and we all break down the feel-good hit of the summer: Hobbs and Shaw. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys watch their moms jump a motorcycle over a volcano. Michael straps someone's mom to an exploding chair, Mike cools off his downstairs, and we all spend too much time talking about the big stink pig Pumbaa. It's our best yet.
This week the boys prepare for the sexual bonanza waiting at Area 51. Mike breaks down Pepsi's naval supremacy, Michael tries to sell some truly haunted furniture, and we both decide beanless coffee doesn't make the grade. It's our best yet.
AUDIO FIXED! Sorry if you downloaded previously with bad audio, but should be good to go. This week, the boys get all up in cancel culture because we've had just about enough of nut-faced old men. Mike once again considers Hogwarts poop physics, Michael roundhouse kicks the Bottlecap Challenge, and we judge the 2020 Democratic primary candidates by their terrible comfort food choices. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys recall one of their greatest hits and get REAL funky with this bunch. Mike becomes an absolute Minkus, Michael gets a mouthful of cream, and we get involved in Sora's big PetSmart scam. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys get their noses deep in some earthy wine. Michael steals nerd valor, Mike challenges Canada to single combat, and we all look out for the battle lizard turtle man. Kid Rock gives this one a half-star review.
This week, the boys are finally back and up to all their nasty old tricks. Mike considers the ethics of taxing a dog, Michael locks his smartphone forever, and Jesus tells us the new wages of sin. Hint: it's poop.
This week, the boys confront the profoundly grim reality of the Toy Story universe. Michael gets rock-hard abs, Mike confronts his greatest fears, and we all worry about Ant-Man’s current whereabouts. It’s our best yet.
This week, the boys get a whiff of a new dimension. Amanda stops by to talk Game of Thrones merch, Michael goes to the nasty movies, and Mike poops a dragon. We all get breakfast from Tom Hiddleston.

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