May 11, 2017

TILP 21: The Bird Supremacy

The boys are back in action to chat drinking leagues, bad names for genitals, and the darkest secrets of our parents. Michael doesn’t trust our criminal jiu-jitsu system. Cush takes a trip among the stars and demands a Bill Clinton Animorph Experiment. We talk about being naked for maybe too long?
  • Drinking league aggression. [1:35]
  • No more front-bottoms and wee-wees. [7:40]
  • A time and place to be naked. [17:20]
  • Falconry, the sport of sexy presidents. [25:30]
  • Kill me, Jason Statham. [34:35]
  • Tim Gunn, deadliest man alive. [37:40]
  • Very bad things, RV-style. [44:40]
  • The price of infidelity. [54:20]

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