May 26, 2017

TILP 23: The Raptor Chronicles

This week, the boys unashamedly become a conspiracy theory podcast. Cush explores the surge of power married people feel at the reins of a single person’s dating app. Michael investigates the horror that walks among us. Everyone learns a thing or two about the depth of human stupidity.
  • Don’t Ken Bone the Rock. [2:25]
  • Slipped a disc there, huh?. [8:35]
  • Chicago continues to be the most dangerous city in America. [12:45]
  • Sand and pee buddies. [18:05]
  • Overlords from the great beyond. [22:20]
  • Just a deep misunderstanding of physics. [41:00]
  • Your Honor, may I please heckle the bench? [48:15]
  • Ride the R2D2 lightning. [52:00]
  • Shitty First Dates. [54:35]
  • Sapiosexuals. [61:30]

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