May 18, 2017

TILP 22: Bromper Buddies

This week, the boys take a shot at the original king of the male romper. Cush steps to the wrong side of history to defend Nickelback for some reason. Michael introduces two very insane conspiracy theories and receives assurance he’s just the prettiest boy. Shockingly, we talk a lot about butts again.
  • Ghost riding your own whip. [1:45]
  • The worst of men’s fashions. [3:40]
  • Bros and Butts. [8:55]
  • The gross laws of attraction. [19:40]
  • Marry me! [25:35]
  • I’m just an impostor boi. [34:20]
  • A Poorly Thought Defense of Nickelback. [41:00]
  • I’ll take one art, please. [48:15]
  • The Finland Conspiracy [58:20]

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