July 28, 2017

TILP 32: Pollo Sensual

This week, Michael introduces a brand new fashion craze, Cush calls out the cowards of #DriveByDunkChallenge, and the great Atlanta sand mystery deepens. A raccoon meets a grim end, and we find the weirdest video on the Internet. We did it.
  • Michael gets his giblets checked. [4:20]
  • Let’s just not, HBO. [9:15]
  • Sir, please turn off those headlights. [15:30]
  • They see me (not) rollin’, they hatin’. [26:00]
  • The sand mysteries. [28:25]
  • Do you want rabies? Because that’s how you get rabies. [31:20]
  • Well, that’s one way to fertilize an egg. [38:40]
  • Spicey's Feisty Ice Heist. [51:30]
This week, the boys throw a grim #AaronsParty, revel in old commercials, and struggle to find sympathy for the skydevil. Mike takes payment technology to the next level, Michael brings your eyes to Flavortown by way of hell, and every listener owes us 1,000 hours of community service. Ha! Gotcha, suckers.
  • The Game of Sheerans [1:15]
  • #AaronsParty takes a dark turn. [3:45]
  • 411, not just for olds. [8:00]
  • Terms and Conditions? Never heard of ‘em. [13:05]
  • Welcome to Skylaw, dummy. [18:55]
  • Short, gross passwords. [27:00]
  • Balloony Bin [34:10]
  • It’s toilet time, a-holes. [41:30]
  • The poop is out there. [44:35]
  • Sunny Flavortown beaches. [50:15]
This week, we explore the Flat Earth civil war and geriatric social media. Michael introduces the world's most devious 10-year-old, Cush gets a hankerin’ for seitan, and we talk about punching kids for the 5th episode in a row.

Highlights include:

  • Cush’s fun weekend plans [2:25]
  • #Buttholegate [4:50]
  • ‘Cause we’re all creeeeeps. [14:40]
  • Crisis on Infinite Flat Earths [20:05]
  • Voice-to-Tweet Technology [27:05]
  • Cards Against Your Childhood [33:20]
  • Needledick Penisgun [35:55]
  • Celebrity crushbones [43:45]
  • False flag murder diary [52:00]
  • #Disguisting #allwomen [64:25]
This week, Michael returns from the beautiful Greek isles to…this whole mess. The boys talk in depth about which children they could defeat in single combat, Cush expands your penile workout regimen, and we lament Ed Sheeran’s exit from Twitter. What’s On Weibo makes a tasty return.
  • Bronzed Greek god [3:00]
  • A helicopter dick for the modern era [12:00]
  • Got a case of the munchies. [28:15]
  • Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up [34:10]
  • Taste the Racebow [45:20]
  • Fancy a biscuit? [51:30]
  • Clash of Kids [54:00]
  • Dogmergency [63:00]
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