July 6, 2017

TILP 29: Buff Up Your Beef

This week, Michael returns from the beautiful Greek isles to…this whole mess. The boys talk in depth about which children they could defeat in single combat, Cush expands your penile workout regimen, and we lament Ed Sheeran’s exit from Twitter. What’s On Weibo makes a tasty return.
  • Bronzed Greek god [3:00]
  • A helicopter dick for the modern era [12:00]
  • Got a case of the munchies. [28:15]
  • Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up [34:10]
  • Taste the Racebow [45:20]
  • Fancy a biscuit? [51:30]
  • Clash of Kids [54:00]
  • Dogmergency [63:00]

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