July 20, 2017

TILP 31: Inflatable Tube Discourse

This week, the boys throw a grim #AaronsParty, revel in old commercials, and struggle to find sympathy for the skydevil. Mike takes payment technology to the next level, Michael brings your eyes to Flavortown by way of hell, and every listener owes us 1,000 hours of community service. Ha! Gotcha, suckers.
  • The Game of Sheerans [1:15]
  • #AaronsParty takes a dark turn. [3:45]
  • 411, not just for olds. [8:00]
  • Terms and Conditions? Never heard of ‘em. [13:05]
  • Welcome to Skylaw, dummy. [18:55]
  • Short, gross passwords. [27:00]
  • Balloony Bin [34:10]
  • It’s toilet time, a-holes. [41:30]
  • The poop is out there. [44:35]
  • Sunny Flavortown beaches. [50:15]

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