April 27, 2017

TILP 19: Ass-assin’s Creed

This episode starts with Cush whiffing hard on pop culture and goes downhill from there. We investigate eels where the sun don’t shine, Michael tracks down the sickest beats on the planet, and Cush gets pretty worked up about British people. The boys talk a lot about butts, poop and murder. So... pretty standard episode.
  • Smart Cities and Soft Lumber. [2:00]
  • Eels in your bumbles. [6:00]
  • Home witchdoctor remedies. [12:30]
  • DJ Geriatric. [19:15]
  • Marsupeople. [25:20]
  • Big Parasite’s Tourism Play [29:05]
  • Fun with nuclear reactors. [33:50]
  • Y’all basic. [40:10]
  • Juicegate. [45:10]
  • Lock it up, Britain. [52:30]
  • Faux terrorism and just a real big damn dog. [57:40]

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