February 10, 2017

TILP 8: Fine Corn Cannibals

This week, the boys chat about the interpretative dancers who opened and closed the Lady Gaga concert. Michael votes with his wallet, Mike admits to some very light animal neglect in the name of love, and the boys explore alternative ocular health services. Also, BREAKING NEWS: Comcast is a garbage company with a garbage service.
  • Super Bowl and The Wiser Bud [1:00]
  • Where's the poop, Harry? [6:25]
  • #Boycotts and #SquadGoals [12:25]
  • Dating profile shenanigans [20:45]
  • King’s Hawaiian Rolls > Breitbart News [31:10]
  • Is that tongue on your HMO? [33:50]
  • Breaking News: Teens are Dumb [42:40] (Sorry about the audio issues)
  • Cannibal Hamsters [47:05]
  • Operation Donut Drop [54:50]

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