June 8, 2018

TILP 74: Roto-Rooty Fresh and Fruity

This week, the boys revisit a low-hanging TILP legend. Mike digs deep into Cushing family lore to reveal a childhood ursine menace, Michael meets a joke-telling robot that will take our jobs, and we wonder why you put that thang up there. Somehow Operation Dumbo Drop shows up.
Highlights include:
  • Old timey HR [1:30]
  • International House of Bad Publicity Stunts [4:15]
  • Roto-rooty, fresh and fruity [12:30]
  • Hanger stakes [20:30]
  • World Record Hats [23:15]
  • Two for poo. [37:00]
  • The Wellington Bear [48:30]
  • Leave comedy to the professionals. [53:00]
  • United Dinos of America [58:00]

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