February 3, 2017

TILP 7: They Don’t Stop Coming

This week, the boys take a page out of the Indiana Jones playbook and get down to the important business of punching Nazis. Michael explores our grim future of pig-human hybrids, Mike ponders health food, and we play Smash Mouth for THE ABSOLUTE LAST TIME (don’t hold us to that). We get our mouths on the tastiest trend: the newest creation from the Taco Bell test kitchen.
Highlights include:
  • Michael reveals his search history [0:30]
  • Modern day Captain Americas (Captains America?) [9:15]
  • Planet of the Pigs? [20:45]
  • Cowabeetus [27:20]
  • Taco Bell does it again [33:10]
  • Way too much of a good thing [43:29]
  • The Michaels Face/Off [48:34]
  • You may take my nuggets, but you'll never take my FREEEEDOMMM! [53:57]
Thanks to RoccoW for use of our theme song, Welcome. Check out Rocco on Bandcamp: roccow.bandcamp.com/album/-

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