January 26, 2017

TILP 6: All-Star, but with an Extra Bone

You gotta fight for your right…to remix Smash Mouth songs on YouTube. This week, when Mike goes low, Michael goes high. Michael espouses tyranny of the skies, Mike misunderstands basic male anatomy, and somehow Australia finds a new way to commit murder. The boys are joined by their first honest-to-goodness expert to dive into the incredible world of Japanese bidets. Everyone says “butt.” Like, a lot.
Highlights include:
  • Women>>>>Trump [0:35]
  • Smashmouth, but it's actually good [9:08]
  • Toilet Talk, with Oded Eshel [18:08]
  • Smashed knees, porn buffs and crowning babies in the friendly skies [27:44]
  • Mike reveals the limits of Christian school anatomy education [37:46]
  • Did Beyonce teach the world nothing?! [47:53]
  • Australia has one more thing to kill you [54:53]
  • The Official Michael Cushing Fan Club [60:38]
Thanks to RoccoW for use of our theme song, Welcome. Check out Rocco on Bandcamp: roccow.bandcamp.com/album/-

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