December 22, 2017

TILP 52: Platinum G-String Anniversary

This week, it's our ONE YEAR anniversary, and we look a gift-frog in the mouth. Mike uncovers the hidden truth about aliens and tries to cover the unhidden truth about your cat's butthole. Michael asks not what zombie Jesus can do for you, but what you can do for zombie Jesus. We go deep into the story of one man's very horrible drunken mistake.
Highlights include:
  • Luketose Intolerance [3:22]
  • Blink UFO [9:49]
  • R2-DFruit [20:18]
  • Fightin' 'Round the Girls [28:30]
  • Lord Zombo Christ [37:30]
  • Class Up That Cathole [46:55]
  • Bronze Dildo Pogo Stick [54:18]

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