December 15, 2017

TILP 51: Please Sue Us Mr. Ocean

This week, we find out what Jesus was hiding in that holiest of holes. Mike warns of the dangers of both confined spaces and horny ghosts. Michael reveals TILP's newest sponsors and Mike shares our possible new theme song. We treat you all to the dulcet tones of The Michaels Ocean.
Highlights include:
  • This is My House [01:20]
  • Mr. Dumb, Bad Robot [03:30]
  • Badonkadonk Jesus [11:35]
  • Binge Mode [23:15]
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Queen [31:45]
  • Sponsored Content [35:55]
  • Ghost 2: Erotic Boogaloo [41:28]
  • Secret Japanese Game Show [52:06]
  • Come At Us Billy Ocean [58:16]

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