September 14, 2017

TILP 39: Never Go Grass To Mouth

This week, love is in the air...and the water, the dirt, and the train station. Michael forms a very deep connection with Mother Earth, Mike gets space insurance, and we celebrate the smartest concert-goer of all time. Seriously though, we laugh at eco-sexuals for a solid 30 minutes.
Highlights include:
  • A certified shrub banger. [4:30]
  • Lovebugs and sex witches [14:30]
  • All aboard the love train. [26:00]
  • The friendly green skies [32:00]
  • Memory short enough to forget you're lonely. [38:40]
  • Hot tub time machinations. [42:00]
  • The Fur Baby Economy [47:45]
  • Brilliant boozy booty [52:50]
  • Never gonna give up this download. [59:40]

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