August 31, 2017

TILP 37: Carry On My Faygo Son

This week, we fall straight down the Juggalo hole. Michael puts his deductive skills to the test, Cush fights for the only acceptable pumpkins in August, and we find the only good time in a Porta-Potty. Seriously though, we can’t stop talking about Juggalos in this one.
Highlights include:
  • A millennial by any other name. [2:25]
  • The Tumnus Disco Experience [6:00]
  • Matchbees 20 [14:00]
  • A Pay-Per-View event for everyone. [19:00]
  • Ratpocalypse and toad salads. [31:00
  • Maybe stick to sex tips, Cosmo. [40:05]
  • Winning the war before it starts. [46:30]
  • The Tayluminati. [51:35]
  • Back off, you stupid orange gourds. [55:40]
  • Just the faqs, please. [61:00]

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