August 24, 2017

TILP 36: Beep-Boop, Grandma’s Dead

This week, our cup runneth over with delicious conspiracy theories. Michael takes his last rites from the world's dumbest robot, Mike revels in the second coming of our Lord Steven, and the boys finally realize why everyone loves Pitbull so damn much. We finally say what everyone's thinking: "Let's blow up that grumpy old moon of ours."

Highlights include:

  • Snowflake boys unite. [3:00]
  • Let's blow up that stupid, nasty old moon. [5:00]
  • Steven H. Christ! [11:50]
  • Get your AI to Mars [22:45]
  • Hello human, I sense pizza-hunger. [29:00]
  • Pitbull's Eternal Underpass Party. [38:00]
  • Alternative FAQs. [44:30]
  • The life-changing magic of thief-cleaning [51:00]
  • Bridge jumpers, baby mailers and millennial crisis. [55:30]

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