June 15, 2017

TILP 26: All the Pretty Faces

This week, a listener submission turns into the horniest episode in this very dumb show’s history. Michael introduces the world’s favorite sex positions. Cush goes all-in on new chicken-ordering techniques. The boys explore the conspiracy at the end of all things. This episode contains: a lot of faces and a heaping helpin’ of porn.
  • Turns out insects are animals. Who knew? [2:10]
  • The Vin Diesel roleplaying experience. [5:30]
  • We are all on James Deen’s face. [12:15]
  • Pornhub’s big, hard data. [19:30]
  • Gotta stay butt to butt. [25:20]
  • What’s the J for? [29:20]
  • KFC meddling with forces beyond its understanding. [33:00]
  • The Vin Scully of Sex Commentary. [37:00]
  • OK, now simulate a universe with penis bones. [41:30]

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