June 2, 2017

TILP 24: RompHim Stompin’

One of our good, good boys was hunting raptors in Scotland this week, so Michael brought it some special guests to help him out. We did a real interview with one of the founders of the RompHim, and he pretended to like all of our design ideas. We closed out the show with some listener questions, where Michael was sure to remind everyone that penises do not, in fact, have a bone, Curtis reveals his childhood plans for world domination, and we make a plea to Sam Muthafuqqin Jackson.  
  • Curtis makes his long awaited return! [0:45]
  • RompHim? Damn near killed him! [2:50]
  • Listener Questions! [38:35]
Be sure to check out RompHim.com for more information about the RompHim!

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