February 22, 2017

TILP 10: That Girl is Poison

Welcome to the episode so nice, we recorded it twice. This week, we delve deep into the secret history of the world (spoiler alert: everything is fake and nothing matters). Michael introduces us to a man of utmost conviction and infinite misfortune. Cush discovers his dumb brain is full of dumb movie quotes. We explore the most ineffective corporate training of all time.
Highlights include:
  • Turns out George Washington can tell a lie. [3:40]
  • You know what else is a lie? Turns out, all of history. [6:15]
  • The NBA All-Star Game, not just for sick dunks anymore. [17:20]
  • World’s Funniest Home Accidental Assassinations [21:50]
  • Hey. Japan. Can you slow it down on the game shows, please? [26:50]
  • Some monkeys play nice. Some rip your face off. [38:00]
  • Rabies? In my brain? It’s more likely than you think. [48:05]
  • The corruption of American youth, one lifelike doll at a time. [52:45]
  • I’ll take “Alex Trebek spits mad fire.” for 600. [60:30]

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