January 14, 2017

TILP 4: Bed, Bath & Beyonce

This week, Mike and Michael take a break from the unceasing torrent of celebrity death to explore survival in deep winter conditions, question why Georgia babies are so thirsty for murder and pitch celebrity product endorsements. What's On Weibo makes its triumphant, highly sexual return.
Highlights include:
  • Why can't you spell, you dumb idiots?
  • I Want It That IPA and other boy band beers.
  • Dumb shit from CES 2017.
  • Ugh, MILLENNIALS and how morons pander to them.
  • Funeral strippers.
  • Reptile people, and is Gucci Mane a clone?
Thanks to RoccoW for use of our theme song, Welcome. Check out Rocco on Bandcamp: roccow.bandcamp.com/album/-

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