This week, the boys catch all the buzz around the World Cup and propose a new line of public-use sex clothes. Michael serves up a hot slice of Greg, Mike admits he’s kind of here for Space Force, and we massage our vacation livers. It’s our best show yet.
Highlights include:
  • Vacation Liver Orgy House [2:30]
  • Buzzing those bits. [10:15]
  • Dangerously insane [28:20]
  • Enter the Chicken Ring Hellmouth.
  • The Inaugural Taste of Greg [42:00]
  • POOPINT [57:40]
Here you go, ya nasty babies. This week, the boys delve into the secret world of toilet espionage. Mike does a fitness, Michael questions your journalistic integrity, and we take a two-country global tour of flapjacks. It’s our best yet.
Highlights include:
  • Interntional Burger Boy [0:45]
  • True Fitness Lies [6:50]
  • Mission: Impoosible [9:40]
  • Worst. Hulk. Ever. [24:00]
  • 8-armed mouthbabies. [31:20]
  • Libertarian Pizza Dream[37:50]
  • Hey science? Maybe chill with the murderbots? [46:00]
  • TILP Trinity [58:00]
This week, the boys revisit a low-hanging TILP legend. Mike digs deep into Cushing family lore to reveal a childhood ursine menace, Michael meets a joke-telling robot that will take our jobs, and we wonder why you put that thang up there. Somehow Operation Dumbo Drop shows up.
Highlights include:
  • Old timey HR [1:30]
  • International House of Bad Publicity Stunts [4:15]
  • Roto-rooty, fresh and fruity [12:30]
  • Hanger stakes [20:30]
  • World Record Hats [23:15]
  • Two for poo. [37:00]
  • The Wellington Bear [48:30]
  • Leave comedy to the professionals. [53:00]
  • United Dinos of America [58:00]
June 1, 2018


This week, the boys light a candle for dearly departed robot dogs. Michael plays headline roulette, Mike highlights the Razor scooter pandemic sweeping Atlanta, and we all survive a close shave in the pool of life.
Highlights include:
  • K-Pop Growthhacking [7:00]
  • Headline Roulette [13:00]
  • Strap 'Em On Your Feet Baby, Let's Go! [21:00]
  • All Robo Dogs Go to Heaven [24:00]
  • Captcha'd! [31:30]
  • Antivenmo [32:30]
  • A hair too much pool time. [42:45]
  • Lots of people doing Ecstasy, these days! [55:00]
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