This episode starts with Cush whiffing hard on pop culture and goes downhill from there. We investigate eels where the sun don’t shine, Michael tracks down the sickest beats on the planet, and Cush gets pretty worked up about British people. The boys talk a lot about butts, poop and murder. So... pretty standard episode.
  • Smart Cities and Soft Lumber. [2:00]
  • Eels in your bumbles. [6:00]
  • Home witchdoctor remedies. [12:30]
  • DJ Geriatric. [19:15]
  • Marsupeople. [25:20]
  • Big Parasite’s Tourism Play [29:05]
  • Fun with nuclear reactors. [33:50]
  • Y’all basic. [40:10]
  • Juicegate. [45:10]
  • Lock it up, Britain. [52:30]
  • Faux terrorism and just a real big damn dog. [57:40]
This week, the boys weigh the benefits of flying dildos. Michael wonders why Gwyneth Paltrow wants to shove bad things up vaginas, Mike relives tragic Easter memories, and we examine the darkness that lies in the hearts of men. No big deal.
  • Uranus. Hehehe. [3:35]
  • You’re a smart feller, I mean a fart smeller. [7:00]
  • Cards Against Humanity, the ultimate barometer of cool. [7:55]
  • Internet vigilantes, leave it to Liam Neesons. [10:00]
  • Dildo all the things. [13:10]
  • Easter grudges linger. [17:20]
  • Back on that grind(r). [22:00]
  • Looking for jade in all the wrong places. [28:12]
  • OK Google, give me an Angry Cyanide Whopper. [33:30]
  • Somehow a worse Donald Trump. [40:20]
We watched Fate of the Furious, and y'all...well, we weren't sober. Please enjoy this rowdy breakdown of the newest installment of the finest movie franchise of this, or any, generation.
Alternative episode titles include: Diesel Team One, Mr. Diesel If You Nasty, and Punching You In the Dick All Day.
This week, the boys discover there’s such a thing as too much bacon. Cush introduces your favorite new phrase. Michael explores Canada’s strategic porn reserve. Our Shanghai field reporter issues her first communiqué, and it’s killer. Everyone gets a Bible lesson.
  • Sean Spicer’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Press Conference [2:40]
  • Choke artists unite. [6:50]
  • #JasonSegelEatMyFace [8:20]
  • Berenstain Bears and Too Much Bacon. [14:40]
  • Highly skilled Chinese labor. [22:01]
  • Tuna – it’s in your mouth. [26:30]
  • Breakup music. [34:15]
  • Preserving Canada’s rich cultural heritage. And sex comics. [40:00]
  • Crucifixion, you know for funsies! [46:40]
  • The next wave of Biblical edutainment. [53:40]
We finally pulled off a live show, and it’s a banger. We talk about crackheads, the restorative properties of Publix chicken tenders. Michael investigates the greatest heist of all time. Cush betrays a severe misunderstanding of science, which should not surprise long-time listeners. The boys advocate healthy pee habits.
  • Chicken tendies cure all ills. [1:45]
  • The Highway Collapse of Northern Aggression. [3:05]
  • #shotsfired [7:15]
  • The sweetest crime in history. [9:03]
  • The last action punchboy. [26:00]
  • Flapjack failures. [28:50]
  • The fanciest, dumbest fruits. [34:45]
  • What are you doing, Yahoo? Just what are you doing? [45:00]
  • The tricky side of male contraceptives. [47:20]
  • Hit me with that creamy filling. [56:50]
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