January 24, 2020

Dad Dad Binks

This week, the boys cook up a hot new dish of #ChickenOfTheTrees. Mike suggests innovative updates for mascot violence, Michael chugs milk in the Senate, and we all dip our dicks in soy sauce for the clout. Time to get buff with our hot new daddy, Jar Jar Binks.
This week, while you went to law school the boys studied the blade. Mike imparts some airtight legal advice that should absolutely never be followed, Michael gets a noseful of love, and we demand the return of trial by combat to settle all grievances. Buckle up for a brand new streaming service, because this is our best yet.
This week is mostly about farts and fart narc robots, and literally no one is sorry about that. Michael visits CES 2020 to hit the Nut Button, Mike fights the Master Poopmind AI, and we all take a stinky steam bath with God. It's our best yet.
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