October 25, 2019

TILP 120: Rise of PopeNet

This week, the boys get highly blasphemous. Mike pitches Communion 2.0, Michael gets sensual with a RoboCush, and we all deeply misunderstand the tenets and mysteries of the Catholic faith. Saints preserve and protect us, and also with you. It's our best yet!
This week, the boys take a deep dive into the Disney+ catalog and honestly – what the hell, y'all? Michael transforms into a Sexy Mr. Rogers, Mike vastly improves Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, and we all miss Don Knotts just a whole ton. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys summon mastery of all four elements to do a bong. Michael resuscitates a very worn-out boy cat, Mike steals a golden toilet, and we dunk on Joe Biden for a while. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys stare American culture right in the crotch and find it lacking. Michael gets Thursday for some salty fries, Mike finds love in roadside places, and we all get very confused about sandwiches. It's our best yet.
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