This week, the boys investigate the 2012 critical reception to Space Jam then look eye-to-eye with some piss-hungry goats. Michael cracks the Nintendo Switch Kobayshi Maru. Curtis looks at nature's broad wonder and pees on it. Mike advocates for humane lobster sous vide. We all say piss...just a whole lot.
This week, the boys discover the world's foremost ham authority: retried Gotham Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. Michael gets busy with a mechanical penis, Mike faces the grim reality that all '90s toys were accidental sex toys, and everyone is a pony now. It's our best yet.
September 6, 2018

TILP 85: Funnel of Love

This week, the good buddies get back together for TILP greatest hits: Channing Tatum's dick, ghost jizz, fart cops and ball baths. Mike takes a lil' bird bath, Michael auditions for SNL, and Curtis fights the good nope. We all agree Michael B. Jordan would kick T'Challa's whole, entire ass.
Highlights include:

  • No, but improv boys.
  • Paul Fart Mall Fart
  • Ball bath and pool science
  • Boooookkake
  • Romance gashapon
  • The ol' rope-a-nope
  • The Curtis Colorado Vinyl Corner
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