This week, the boys are fascinated by the splendor of a royal wedding. Mike shows us how the sausage is made. Michael uses sound science to get to the bottom of octopus DNA, and the boys get real pedantic with Neil Degrasse Tyson. At us, Neil.
Highlights include:
  • Serena Williams, Duchess of Pong
  • M-Brie-MA
  • Wurst Car Ever
  • The NSA Dogabase
  • Thirty-three scientists can't be wrong
  • More like Neil Degrasse Dunkedon
This week, the boys wade waist-deep into a salacious copyright fight. Mike proposes a new Holy Sacrament and we decide which Chris we want to smooch most.
Highlights include:
  • Pope 420 II [1:30]
  • Grimes’ boyfriend [4:30]
  • Serial poopslinger. [11:40]
  • Whole Lotto poop. [26:40]
  • Getting cocky with the cocky boys. [32:15]
  • Evans in the streets, Hemsworth in the sheets.
  • Prison stones. [45:00]
  • Dildo Ate My Homework [52:00]
This week, the Bad Sex in Fiction Awards make a triumphant return! Michael takes us on a tractor ride. Mike visits some horrible vineyards. A listener delivers some very talented, very scary horses. We all go poopity-scoopity. It's our best yet.
Highlights include:
  • Poopity Scoopity
  • Is Tom Hardy good?
  • That zombo John Deere speed
  • Bad murder fanfic
  • Mario possession
  • Horse hapkido
May 4, 2018

TILP 69: Nice

We finally hit that very funny sex number! Best shed your outerwear, because this episode is hotter than three weasels playing ultimate frisbee on the Sun. This week, Michael celebrates equestrian drinking games, Mike thirsts for that sexy robot with a bodacious bod. Dammit, Karen.
Highlights include:
  • Hot as a monkey’s uncle [2:00]
  • Peak Barenaked Ladies [16:00]
  • What if horse drunk? [23:00]
  • Big, dumb idiot, not sexy robot [37:30]
  • Becoming Karen. [45:40]
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