This week, we break off a piece of brain and absorb all of Einstein’s power. Michael invites some stinkpeople into his yard, Mike takes some rich people slummin’ with Tiffany, and everyone learns a thing or two about the Cushing family Christmas.
Highlights include:
  • Cover up your heat. [1:45]
  • Dear Prudence, OH GOD NO. Naughty in North Pole [4:00]
  • Gnome for the holidays. [16:00]
  • How the other half lives. [28:00]
  • You can’t just have this brain. [44:10]
  • Remember when Albert Einstein invented the Cupid Shuffle? [51:30]
  • National Treasure 3: JFK Brain Nuggies [53:00]
  • This slip is bananas. [61:00]
November 22, 2017

TILP 48: Chubby Chaser

This week, Mike takes time to nurse a litter of opossum pups before just absolutely ruining Thanksgiving for everyone. Michael finds the best Internet name contest of all time, and everyone takes a moment to praise our new saucy savior. It’s our best yet.
Highlights include:
  • Is the patriarchy even worth anything anymore? [2:25]
  • Turkey drop update. [11:00]
  • Here come the Hot Cops. [19:00]
  • Time to play opossum mom. [25:20]
  • 2 Fat 2b Furious [35:00]
  • A portrait of the messiah in ketchup. [41:40]
  • Gritty McGritface [50:40]
November 16, 2017

TILP 47: The Pork Knight Rises

This week, we open the show by forgetting the name of every famous artist. Mike takes a tasty bite of our Lord and Savior, Michael breaks some fake news, and we wonder why David Blaine won’t commit card crimes against ISIS.
Highlights include:
  • Someone please make Rush Hour 4. [5:15]
  • The Colonel and His 12 Disciples [10:30]
  • Blake Shelton and his no-good, unsexy balls. [18:10]
  • Bless this holy pork roll. [26:45]
  • Fake Penis News [33:15]
  • I can feel it, honkin’ in the air tonight. [38:00]
  • The Fart of the Deal [42:45]
  • Card Crimes Against ISIS [49:40]
  • Shaping young minds. [56:00]
This week, we uncover definitive proof that Donald Trump is not an ancient werewolf and is, in fact, just a dumb old man. Mike armors up for a neighborhood brawl. Michael delves into the Dark Web. We dive right into a pizza orgy.
  • Accidentally in judged. [2:15]
  • You have to tell me if you're a cop. [6:00]
  • Perfect dark web. [10:15]
  • Daylight shut up Time. [18:40]
  • Garfield hates cumdays. [21:15]
  • Home on the ranch. [28:00]
  • More like Taxgiving. [33:50]
  • The Colonel's good blessings. [41:30]
  • Werewolves and Papa John triggers. [50:25]
  • I. AM. IRONMAN. [57:45]
  • Pizza orgies and Yoshi Yoshis. [64:45]
November 3, 2017

TILP 45: Step Up 4 Deez Nutz

This week, the boys carefully back away from a small dog possessed by Endless Hunger. Mike laments a rift in the world’s most important family, Michael explores innovative toilet options, and we sift through Bin Laden’s movie collection.
Highlights include:
  • Go, go Kitchen Gadget [1:30]
  • Mustache things [5:15]
  • Fancy Feast [11:00]
  • Strangerest things. [18:00]
  • Fast 9: Civil War [19:30]
  • Alternative toilets [30:30]
  • Spread them cheeks, boys. Please. [39:20]
  • Osama Bin Downloadin’ [50:10]
  • WE ARE IMMORTAL. [61:00]
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