October 26, 2017

TILP 44: The Spice Doctor

The boys are back after an unforced error, and we’re back with some greatest hits. Mike wants to crowdfund UFO hunters, Michael takes us to the dumbest doctor’s appointment ever, and we wonder if Donald Trump is actually a rogue AI hellbent on human misery. Nah, probably just an asshole.
  • Ain’t no rule says a dog can’t be mayor [11:25]
  • Hygiene Oopsies [24:00]
  • Angels and UFOwaves [30:00]
  • Melania Lavigne [37:15]
  • Hot and Spicy Deuces [46:00]
  • C+C Scream Factory [53:40]
  • A tail of horror. [63:30]
This week, the boys step into the timestream to alter reality in a number of dangerous ways. Mike unveils a new underwear personal defense system, Michael weaponizes Jello, and we pull a Freaky Friday with Kim Jong Un.
  • Welcome to Christian school. [2:00]
  • Two scoops of blown mind. [9:00]
  • I really ain’t afraid of no ghost. [14:00]
  • Dance my way to the top. [18:45]
  • It’s the sound of meme Police. [37:00]
  • Slipping into the timestream. [41:10]
  • [insert angsty lyrics here] AFK. [53:35]
  • Family Circus Serkis Circus [61:00]
October 5, 2017

TILP 42: Insane Ghost Posse

This week, we talk about ghosts in all the wrong places and get a lesson in Juggalo life from a listener. Michael asks how far we’d go for love, Mike gets uncomfortable, and everyone learns a thing or two about the grim specters of death.
Highlights include:
  • Haunt me. [5:00]
  • Toilet ghosts. [10:40]
  • Frogshank Redemption. [19:30]
  • Pumpkin spice kayak. [21:40]
  • Fireside chat with Scrubby Josh [25:40]
  • A match made in weed heaven. [49:00]
  • Marital problems. [59:10]
  • Wrongfully accused. [68:00]
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