Reunited, and it feels so, so good. This week, the boys swap fishing stories, ponder the impact of bringing an Xbox to an orgy, and yell at a train. Cush tries to get to the bottom of a dirty story, Michael explores why NBA players go so crazy, and the boys ask if fake news is ever OK. But really, we talk about an orgy for a very long time.
Highlights include:
  • Michael discovers the Big Chicken [3:15]
  • Red Lobster rules, and we won’t hear differently. [6:05]
  • Hometown orgy goes awry. [10:51]
  • Hey dudes, maybe just try being smarter and less shitty? [14:35]
  • Mind the gap between fake news stories. [25:35]
  • Shaquille O’Neal joins the Flat Earth Society. [34:40]
  • Buzz Aldrin punch club and the best nickname of all time. [40:15]
  • We continue our war on New Zealand. [45:25]
  • Bathroom cameras, but for weirder reasons than you think. [47:26]
  • Canada’s two-ply aggression intensifies. [53:50]
March 23, 2017

TILP 14: March Badness

The boys recorded this one last week, so we called our shot on a March Madness champion - we both missed by a country mile. Cush introduces the least necessary movie reboot of all time, Michael waxes poetic on religion, and we both talk about Pornhub. Maybe too much?
Highlights include:
  • The boys dunk on March Madness 
  • PSA: Don't read and drive.
  • Gladiator II: Fightin' 'Round the World
  • We rank some Dans.
  • A Bible theme park adventure - now 100% less creepy.
  • Michael gets his wires crossed on the Moses and Jesus origin stories.
  • Breaking down the numbers on porn and dating.
Though half the duo was profoundly hungover, the boys turn in a real banger of an episode. Michael fixes healthcare, Cush takes a surprising stance on demonic possession, and What’s On Weibo makes a surprisingly non-sexy return. We celebrate the sacred tunes of Journey.
Highlights include:
  • Mike and Michael make bad choices [1:35]
  • After All These Years, still Daylight Saving Time? [4:00]
  • When You Love an International Women's Day [10:50]
  • We go Separate Ways on demonic possession. [23:30]
  • Who’s Crying Now? (It’s Cush, playing a VR demon experience. [33:33]
  • Lovin’, Touchin’, Stabbin'. [33:40]
  • Steve Bannon's Seinfeld money. [40:05]
  • I’ll Be Alright With You, Chinese Police Robuts [41:50]
  • The Party’s Over, pandas suck now. [47:35]
  • Don’t Stop Bein’ Dumb, Canada [50:40]
  • Journey joke. [56:05]
This week, the boys discuss the merits of weaponizing the dang moon. Michael reveals what happens when sex technology goes too far, Cush teaches Michael a new word, and we explore some of the finest baby names this side of a trash pile.
Highlights include:
  • Cush is full of pink goo. [1:45]
  • To the moon, Elon. [7:05]
  • It’s about ethics in space rocks, Michael. [13:25]
  • Wearable Technology in Low Places [15:50]
  • Teleconferencing, but with dildos. [26:41]
  • You’re dangerous, Mhavrych. [29:40]
  • Venture deep into the storied lineage of the Sweetmeat clan. [34:23]
  • How far would you go for a doctor’s note? [40:22]
  • Looking for love in all the pun places. [48:45]
  • DJ Pauly D doesn’t respect contracts. [56:50]
Ostensibly the hosts of a show about current events, the boys forget to talk about anything current or relevant. Cush struggles to accept a world in which a live-action Cinderella movie exists. Michael uncovers gnome-based meth economies, and we chat for far too long about alcoholic malt beverages. Better step back, friend – this is New Kids on the Block turf.
Highlights include:
  • Where carb bonanzas are a pleasure [1:00]
  • 2017 gets into the murder business [2:15]
  • The Cushing family’s dark history with While You Were Sleeping [7:20]
  • The boys throw an #AaronsParty [11:05]
  • Cinderella’s gaslight ball [19:55]
  • What’s up with all these 90s, though? [24:41]
  • The Smirnoff ISIS Counterinsurgency [32:35]
  • Crank: High Gnomage [37:27]
  • The worst party bus in history [47:50]
  • Master-Pieces of Pig Theater [53:30]
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