This week, the boys step into the timestream to alter reality in a number of dangerous ways. Mike unveils a new underwear personal defense system, Michael weaponizes Jello, and we pull a Freaky Friday with Kim Jong Un.
  • Welcome to Christian school. [2:00]
  • Two scoops of blown mind. [9:00]
  • I really ain’t afraid of no ghost. [14:00]
  • Dance my way to the top. [18:45]
  • It’s the sound of meme Police. [37:00]
  • Slipping into the timestream. [41:10]
  • [insert angsty lyrics here] AFK. [53:35]
  • Family Circus Serkis Circus [61:00]
October 5, 2017

TILP 42: Insane Ghost Posse

This week, we talk about ghosts in all the wrong places and get a lesson in Juggalo life from a listener. Michael asks how far we’d go for love, Mike gets uncomfortable, and everyone learns a thing or two about the grim specters of death.
Highlights include:
  • Haunt me. [5:00]
  • Toilet ghosts. [10:40]
  • Frogshank Redemption. [19:30]
  • Pumpkin spice kayak. [21:40]
  • Fireside chat with Scrubby Josh [25:40]
  • A match made in weed heaven. [49:00]
  • Marital problems. [59:10]
  • Wrongfully accused. [68:00]
September 29, 2017

TILP 41: Spliffhanger

This week, we follow in Twitter’s footsteps and take it to 280. Michael talks about being a young intramural hothead, Mike instigates a new burger war, and we lament the state of the male stripper meat market.
Highlights include:
  • Mad pooper updates. [6:15]
  • Flat Earth sobsciety. [9:00]
  • Everybody needs a Higgins. [16:45]
  • Theoretical autumn. [23:00]
  • A packed pocketbook. [28:00]
  • 2 High 2 Walk [33:15]
  • NFL, the flag and Cheeto Prez [37:00]
  • Baby, you got IT [49:45]
  • Classroom crimes. [58:30]
September 21, 2017

TILP 40: Humping Iron

This week, we get back to our roots: dongs and poop. Michael provides a helpful PSA about sticking things where they don’t belong, Mike reveals childhood scent trauma, and we uncover Chick-fil-A’s Sunday chicken crimes. Someone gets us to a Swiss toilet, immediately.
Highlights include:
  • My milkshake brings hot cops to the yard. [4:00]
  • Weight weight, don’t tell me. [9:15]
  • Jogging logger. [15:30]
  • Poop Tin of an Artist as a Young Man [26:10]
  • There’s always money in the Swiss toilet. [32:40]
  • The Sick Scents. [39:00]
  • 2/10, would not review again [48:15]
  • I hope you burn your damn hands off. [56:15]
  • Don’t honk at me. [59:50]
This week, love is in the air...and the water, the dirt, and the train station. Michael forms a very deep connection with Mother Earth, Mike gets space insurance, and we celebrate the smartest concert-goer of all time. Seriously though, we laugh at eco-sexuals for a solid 30 minutes.
Highlights include:
  • A certified shrub banger. [4:30]
  • Lovebugs and sex witches [14:30]
  • All aboard the love train. [26:00]
  • The friendly green skies [32:00]
  • Memory short enough to forget you're lonely. [38:40]
  • Hot tub time machinations. [42:00]
  • The Fur Baby Economy [47:45]
  • Brilliant boozy booty [52:50]
  • Never gonna give up this download. [59:40]
This week, the boys practice their used car sales pitches. Mike worries that clowns may have damaged their brand beyond repair, Michael investigates a very messy date, and now we’re running for mayor, and Hell's coming with us.
Highlights include:
  • No. 1 All Star [4:30]
  • Cover my tab? [6:40]
  • Sorry clowns, this is pretty on-brand. [12:45]
  • Peppa Pig’s piss-poor proposal. [16:55]
  • Head Down, Windows Up, That's the Way I Get My Poo [20:30]
  • Simulated unicorn love. [30:40]
  • Welcome to Hell, peasants. [36:25]
  • Please don’t trust chug. [44:00]
  • Waffle House special forces. [51:30]
  • Time to cut those strings. [55:00]
This week, we fall straight down the Juggalo hole. Michael puts his deductive skills to the test, Cush fights for the only acceptable pumpkins in August, and we find the only good time in a Porta-Potty. Seriously though, we can’t stop talking about Juggalos in this one.
Highlights include:
  • A millennial by any other name. [2:25]
  • The Tumnus Disco Experience [6:00]
  • Matchbees 20 [14:00]
  • A Pay-Per-View event for everyone. [19:00]
  • Ratpocalypse and toad salads. [31:00
  • Maybe stick to sex tips, Cosmo. [40:05]
  • Winning the war before it starts. [46:30]
  • The Tayluminati. [51:35]
  • Back off, you stupid orange gourds. [55:40]
  • Just the faqs, please. [61:00]
This week, our cup runneth over with delicious conspiracy theories. Michael takes his last rites from the world's dumbest robot, Mike revels in the second coming of our Lord Steven, and the boys finally realize why everyone loves Pitbull so damn much. We finally say what everyone's thinking: "Let's blow up that grumpy old moon of ours."

Highlights include:

  • Snowflake boys unite. [3:00]
  • Let's blow up that stupid, nasty old moon. [5:00]
  • Steven H. Christ! [11:50]
  • Get your AI to Mars [22:45]
  • Hello human, I sense pizza-hunger. [29:00]
  • Pitbull's Eternal Underpass Party. [38:00]
  • Alternative FAQs. [44:30]
  • The life-changing magic of thief-cleaning [51:00]
  • Bridge jumpers, baby mailers and millennial crisis. [55:30]
This week, we chat a little bit about Charlottesville and segue from those human dildos to actual sex robots. Michael wishes for a brighter Keith Richards timeline. Cush tries to be Cockney, lands in Australia. We air out some hamster crimes.

Highlights include:

  • Charlottesville, the ACLU, and human garbage. [2:00]
  • Cush gets a 4:20 education. [9:50]
  • Michael does some tortilla sins. [19:20]
  • Would you like to play a (sex) game? [27:00]
  • For the discerning gentlemen. [32:40]
  • You failed us again, Keith Richards. [38:00]
  • Dale Bearnhardt and Cheez-It’s last ride. [43:00]
  • Glittermom’d! [52:45]
This week, we take a break from ruining your childhood favorites to ruin the Bloomin’ Onion. Sorry, they’re Satanic now. Michael invites everyone to a family exorcism, Cush lays plans to become king of Skynet, and we wonder how long it would take us to become jerks in Westworld. THE SAND MYSTERY DEEPENS.

Highlights include:

  • Love is dead, and Marvel Studios killed it. [1:05]
  • #AaronsParty starts swinging. [4:20]
  • Possibly the worst contraceptive of all time. [7:30]
  • Science editors having a good time. [21:50]
  • Looks like you're trying to destroy humanity. Want some help with that? [25:45]
  • Green investments [35:20]
  • Hipster barfights [44:00]
  • Exorcism tomorrow? START PLAN. [47:30]
  • Footsteps in frosting. [61:25]

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