September 5, 2020

A Million Little Kermits

This week the boys discover a prize sheep with a last-place hog. Mike goes nuts for a bad heist, Michael accidentally creates the Cars Extended Universe, and we all deliver flawless Kermit the Frog impressions. It's our best yet.
August 28, 2020

The Cows Have Eyes

This week, the boys say it's finally time to bring Major Tom home from space. Mike writes the hot new song of the summer (a sequel to last year's song of the summer), Michael taunts the tigers of Africa by drawing eyes on his butt, and we all point guns at our downstairs. It's our best yet.
August 7, 2020

Real Doll-phins

This week, the boys are finally back to boot-scootin'. Michael turns his back on Man's Best Friend, Mike wanders off the grid, and poems? We catch 'em all. It's our best yet.
July 10, 2020


This week, the boys are here to pitch you on a piping hot new business venture: the Soup Tube. Mike revisits the most important car anti-theft device of the 90s, Michael plugs into Animal Crossing Tinder dates, and we all celebrate Scrabble banning the use of slurs. It's our best yet.
July 3, 2020

Protect Your Peeholes

This week the boys rub themselves raw untangling a frivolous lawsuit. Michael is once again fending off bloodsucking monsters from his peehole, Mike gratefully accepts Gen Z's hatred of Millennials, and good buddy Curtis swings by to open a can of WWE learning. We all pick up a Captain Planet dad meal from Burger King. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys are back and where the hell are our McMuffins, Stacey? Michael takes and breaks a vow of silence, Mike shares his most powerful brother move, and we all pitch a bold new vision for the NBA and ABC's fall television lineup. It's our best yet.
This week, the boys tackle the question on everyone's mind - yo, what the hell is up with pelicans? Michael gets handsy with Spider-Man, Mike invites PETA to his Animal Crossing island, and we all ride the slowest roller coaster on earth. It's our best yet.
After 17 long years, the boys are back! And honestly, this one's just for us. Michael reveals a list of his greatest fears, Mike explores the Daniel Day Lewis school of acting, and we all call for a reckoning against the sins of the Mackinac Island Popcorn Company. It's our best yet.
March 20, 2020

CATS: The Whathole Cut

This week, the boys decide to make Quarantine Art. It goes poorly. Michael demands the Butthole Cut of CATS, Mike meets a really stupid robot. We all waste a lot of time. It's our best yet.
March 13, 2020

Smooch the Pope

This week the boys flirt dangerously close to being funny. Mike decides it's finally time to make use of his balls, Michael sets the Monstars lineup for Space Jam 2, and we all get ready to kiss that dang Pope. It's our best yet.

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