This week, the boys wade waist-deep into a salacious copyright fight. Mike proposes a new Holy Sacrament and we decide which Chris we want to smooch most.
Highlights include:
  • Pope 420 II [1:30]
  • Grimes’ boyfriend [4:30]
  • Serial poopslinger. [11:40]
  • Whole Lotto poop. [26:40]
  • Getting cocky with the cocky boys. [32:15]
  • Evans in the streets, Hemsworth in the sheets.
  • Prison stones. [45:00]
  • Dildo Ate My Homework [52:00]
This week, the Bad Sex in Fiction Awards make a triumphant return! Michael takes us on a tractor ride. Mike visits some horrible vineyards. A listener delivers some very talented, very scary horses. We all go poopity-scoopity. It's our best yet.
Highlights include:
  • Poopity Scoopity
  • Is Tom Hardy good?
  • That zombo John Deere speed
  • Bad murder fanfic
  • Mario possession
  • Horse hapkido
May 4, 2018

TILP 69: Nice

We finally hit that very funny sex number! Best shed your outerwear, because this episode is hotter than three weasels playing ultimate frisbee on the Sun. This week, Michael celebrates equestrian drinking games, Mike thirsts for that sexy robot with a bodacious bod. Dammit, Karen.
Highlights include:
  • Hot as a monkey’s uncle [2:00]
  • Peak Barenaked Ladies [16:00]
  • What if horse drunk? [23:00]
  • Big, dumb idiot, not sexy robot [37:30]
  • Becoming Karen. [45:40]
This week, we form the Ocean’s 11 of food crimes. Mike slaps a sports horse on the butt, Michael sends a bill to the moon. We take a moment to think about old people smashing it.
Highlights Include:
  • Food crimes never pay. [13:00]
  • Bill It to the Moon [20:05]
  • The Queen Mary 2 [29:00]
  • The Flea’s Bees [37:30]
  • A shower of shower thoughts. [43:00]
This week, we celebrate a brilliant Chinese tax-evasion, spouse-swapping scheme. Michael dips his little toesies in the mixology game, Mike slaps on his lab coat and checks WebMD, and oops - you have lupus. We delve into the treacherous world of global fart laws.
Highlights include:
  • Wife Swap Tax Chop [2:00]
  • Yukon Mixology [9:15]
  • The Big Weed Day [17:15]
  • Doctor of griftology [20:20]
  • Fart Law and Toot Torts [28:00}
  • Punch that big ol' shark [36:00]
  • Ain't no rule says a bear can't play international soccer. [44:30]
  • The sixth sex circle of Hell. [54:45]
This week, the boys take their shenanigans to the final frontier...and things get sticky. Mike helps NASA create an ungodly chimera and unlocks his evolutionary potential, Michael attaches a party wagon to the International Space Station, and we explore the downsides of dating your prankster dad.
Highlights include:
  • A boystorm is a'brewing. [2:15]
  • Sperm Science 2.0 [5:30]
  • Hotel to the stars! [16:10]
  • Does It Fart? [27:15]
  • Thinking about dem beans. [36:45]
  • Cupcake revenge. [38:30]
  • Perpetual banhammer machine. [46:00]
  • Dad's up to his old tricks again. [51:30]
  • Roses are red, water is wet and also a lesbian, I bet. [60:00]
This week, the boys pull the greatest prank of all: respect for our idiot listeners. Michael breaks down a fishy intraoffice food crime, Mike reveals the only slippery slope he's likely to slide down, and everyone gets banned from this Dunkin Donuts.
Highlights include:
  • The Greatest Fools [1:00]
  • The premo place for porn [9:40]
  • Shrimp Fried Crime [15:15]
  • Pepperoni Seagull Fiasco [31:00]
  • Thought criminals and fried delights [50:30]
Oy! Ring yer mates because the TILP boys are ready to rumble. This week, we chow down on some bad girlfriend material, Michael warps his own time continuum, and Mike explores the great Disney War Crimes Trials of 2027.
Highlights include:
  • Dummy issues [2:10]
  • Bronson Butter Brawl [8:50]
  • Baby Bird Sex Romps [19:30]
  • Michael breaks time [34:00]
  • Penis facials [46:45]
  • Cavalcade of showerthoughts [58:00]
This week, we unlock the memories trapped inside Dino DNA and spoiler alert: they're pissed. Michael introduces the No. 10 worst apocalypse of all time, Mike explores atheist horror, and good buddy Curtis puts Universal Studios on notice.
Highlights include:
  • Evacuate now. [2:45]
  • The Prehistoric Return of NBA Science [13:50]
  • Top 10 Apocalypses - You won't believe No. 9! [24:10]
  • Chestbusters and facehuggers [29:30]
  • Call Fieri By Your Name [34:30]
  • Behemoths in the ring. [37:00]
  • Double Dare Redux [45:00]
  • Fort Collins Musical Revue [49:00]
  • Hey Universal, Stop Spitting on Me [53:50]
This week, we issue some updates on vital stories. Mike reveals his frog-fear origin story, Michael revisits last week’s most pressing stories, and we howl like wolves. No one knows where aliens come from.
Highlights include:
  • Read one dang book. [4:20]
  • Feetsies in sneaksies [6:30]
  • Poowatch No. 2 [10:30]
  • Robo Lobo [18:45]
  • Drunken debits [31:50]
  • Australian spidermen. [40:00]
  • Vampire problems. [50:30]

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