This week, we find out what Jesus was hiding in that holiest of holes. Mike warns of the dangers of both confined spaces and horny ghosts. Michael reveals TILP's newest sponsors and Mike shares our possible new theme song. We treat you all to the dulcet tones of The Michaels Ocean.
Highlights include:
  • This is My House [01:20]
  • Mr. Dumb, Bad Robot [03:30]
  • Badonkadonk Jesus [11:35]
  • Binge Mode [23:15]
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Queen [31:45]
  • Sponsored Content [35:55]
  • Ghost 2: Erotic Boogaloo [41:28]
  • Secret Japanese Game Show [52:06]
  • Come At Us Billy Ocean [58:16]
December 7, 2017

TILP 50: Avalanche of Love

This week, we unleash an avalanche of pure sexual energy that explodes in a prism of mouth machines. Michael delivers Grim Truths about the Hunger. Mike once again reveals the limits of Christian science education. We learn some hard truths about all of Rudolph’s lady pals.
Highlights include:
  • Cush suits up. [3:00]
  • Well, it’s erotica time. [11:45]
  • Flower autopsies. [41:00]
  • Sorry, Reindeer Games. [47:15]
  • Absolute panda-monium. [55:55]
This week, we break off a piece of brain and absorb all of Einstein’s power. Michael invites some stinkpeople into his yard, Mike takes some rich people slummin’ with Tiffany, and everyone learns a thing or two about the Cushing family Christmas.
Highlights include:
  • Cover up your heat. [1:45]
  • Dear Prudence, OH GOD NO. Naughty in North Pole [4:00]
  • Gnome for the holidays. [16:00]
  • How the other half lives. [28:00]
  • You can’t just have this brain. [44:10]
  • Remember when Albert Einstein invented the Cupid Shuffle? [51:30]
  • National Treasure 3: JFK Brain Nuggies [53:00]
  • This slip is bananas. [61:00]
November 22, 2017

TILP 48: Chubby Chaser

This week, Mike takes time to nurse a litter of opossum pups before just absolutely ruining Thanksgiving for everyone. Michael finds the best Internet name contest of all time, and everyone takes a moment to praise our new saucy savior. It’s our best yet.
Highlights include:
  • Is the patriarchy even worth anything anymore? [2:25]
  • Turkey drop update. [11:00]
  • Here come the Hot Cops. [19:00]
  • Time to play opossum mom. [25:20]
  • 2 Fat 2b Furious [35:00]
  • A portrait of the messiah in ketchup. [41:40]
  • Gritty McGritface [50:40]
November 16, 2017

TILP 47: The Pork Knight Rises

This week, we open the show by forgetting the name of every famous artist. Mike takes a tasty bite of our Lord and Savior, Michael breaks some fake news, and we wonder why David Blaine won’t commit card crimes against ISIS.
Highlights include:
  • Someone please make Rush Hour 4. [5:15]
  • The Colonel and His 12 Disciples [10:30]
  • Blake Shelton and his no-good, unsexy balls. [18:10]
  • Bless this holy pork roll. [26:45]
  • Fake Penis News [33:15]
  • I can feel it, honkin’ in the air tonight. [38:00]
  • The Fart of the Deal [42:45]
  • Card Crimes Against ISIS [49:40]
  • Shaping young minds. [56:00]
This week, we uncover definitive proof that Donald Trump is not an ancient werewolf and is, in fact, just a dumb old man. Mike armors up for a neighborhood brawl. Michael delves into the Dark Web. We dive right into a pizza orgy.
  • Accidentally in judged. [2:15]
  • You have to tell me if you're a cop. [6:00]
  • Perfect dark web. [10:15]
  • Daylight shut up Time. [18:40]
  • Garfield hates cumdays. [21:15]
  • Home on the ranch. [28:00]
  • More like Taxgiving. [33:50]
  • The Colonel's good blessings. [41:30]
  • Werewolves and Papa John triggers. [50:25]
  • I. AM. IRONMAN. [57:45]
  • Pizza orgies and Yoshi Yoshis. [64:45]
November 3, 2017

TILP 45: Step Up 4 Deez Nutz

This week, the boys carefully back away from a small dog possessed by Endless Hunger. Mike laments a rift in the world’s most important family, Michael explores innovative toilet options, and we sift through Bin Laden’s movie collection.
Highlights include:
  • Go, go Kitchen Gadget [1:30]
  • Mustache things [5:15]
  • Fancy Feast [11:00]
  • Strangerest things. [18:00]
  • Fast 9: Civil War [19:30]
  • Alternative toilets [30:30]
  • Spread them cheeks, boys. Please. [39:20]
  • Osama Bin Downloadin’ [50:10]
  • WE ARE IMMORTAL. [61:00]
October 26, 2017

TILP 44: The Spice Doctor

The boys are back after an unforced error, and we’re back with some greatest hits. Mike wants to crowdfund UFO hunters, Michael takes us to the dumbest doctor’s appointment ever, and we wonder if Donald Trump is actually a rogue AI hellbent on human misery. Nah, probably just an asshole.
  • Ain’t no rule says a dog can’t be mayor [11:25]
  • Hygiene Oopsies [24:00]
  • Angels and UFOwaves [30:00]
  • Melania Lavigne [37:15]
  • Hot and Spicy Deuces [46:00]
  • C+C Scream Factory [53:40]
  • A tail of horror. [63:30]
This week, the boys step into the timestream to alter reality in a number of dangerous ways. Mike unveils a new underwear personal defense system, Michael weaponizes Jello, and we pull a Freaky Friday with Kim Jong Un.
  • Welcome to Christian school. [2:00]
  • Two scoops of blown mind. [9:00]
  • I really ain’t afraid of no ghost. [14:00]
  • Dance my way to the top. [18:45]
  • It’s the sound of meme Police. [37:00]
  • Slipping into the timestream. [41:10]
  • [insert angsty lyrics here] AFK. [53:35]
  • Family Circus Serkis Circus [61:00]
October 5, 2017

TILP 42: Insane Ghost Posse

This week, we talk about ghosts in all the wrong places and get a lesson in Juggalo life from a listener. Michael asks how far we’d go for love, Mike gets uncomfortable, and everyone learns a thing or two about the grim specters of death.
Highlights include:
  • Haunt me. [5:00]
  • Toilet ghosts. [10:40]
  • Frogshank Redemption. [19:30]
  • Pumpkin spice kayak. [21:40]
  • Fireside chat with Scrubby Josh [25:40]
  • A match made in weed heaven. [49:00]
  • Marital problems. [59:10]
  • Wrongfully accused. [68:00]

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